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We have an extensive liaison programme with our feeder schools. This is a deliberate attempt to ensure smooth transfer for all our students, and for a continuous development of the curriculum between the ages of 5 and 18.

Every effort is made to help the students entering the school adjust to their new surroundings. There are several opportunities  for parents and students to visit the school. All new intake students are given at least one opportunity to spend a day with us before starting in year 7 in September. On this new intake day, the students have a tour of the school, meet their Form Tutor and other students in their form as well as experiencing some THS lessons. Students receive a “Welcome to THS Booklet” which provides information on the school including basic rules and expectations.

We have an excellent leadership programme in the school and the year 6 students are introduced to the ELF’s (every one’s listening friend) who assist each year 7 form group as peer mentors. The ELF’s are part of the buddying system which supports all students at THS. On the new intake day, students take part in minor games which is led by the Sports Leaders  providing the opportunity for year 6 to meet with older students.

Parents and carers are invited to attend a meeting at the end of the new intake day and there is an opportunity to ask any questions. Students are also given the opportunity to inform us of any worries which they might have and to share with us what they are looking forward to.

The Transition Tutor has responsibility for Junior school liaison and visits are made to the Junior schools transferring students to Taverham High .The Special Needs Coordinator also visits the Junior schools to gain as much knowledge as possible of the students before they start in September Additional visits to THS  are arranged for students  with a statement or a EHCP.