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  • We are all volunteers who care about children's education.

    We are people drawn from the local and wider community, including staff and parents, with a wide variety of skills, professional qualifications and experience from business and within education.

    Our Aims

    To be at the heart of how THS operates to ensure each child has the opportunity to develop to their full potential.

    To support the creation of a safe and inspirational learning environment within which every individual can grow their skills and knowledge, develop self respect, respect for others and prepare themselves for life in a changing world.

    To support the Headteacher, Leadership Team and staff to make sure that the school provides high quality education supporting the above aims, raising standards of achievement and producing an environment where children feel inspired to develop their natural gifts and talents.  

    What We Do

    Governors operate at a strategic level leaving the day to day management of the school to the Headteacher and her staff.

    We work as a collaborative body and as individuals have no power: decisions are made as a group through a number of specialist committees generally meeting on a termly basis.  

    We set the direction of the school and are involved in shaping and reviewing the school's strategic plans in collaboration with the Headteacher and the school’s Leadership Team.

    Each governor uses his or her specialism serving on a committee:

    Governing Board

    All governors meet at least termly.

    Governors' Strategy and Progress Committee 

    • Receives reports of updates relating to wider and national and international educational developments.
    • Ensures clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the Academy.
    • Ensures that the Headteacher is held to account for the educational performance of the school, the performance management of staff and ensuring value for money.

    Personnel Committee

    • Ensures appropriate staffing structure, performance management and salaries are in place.
    • Members from this committee form the Pay Committee.

    Learning and Progress Committee

    • Ensures appropriate development and implementation of the school curriculum for years 7 – 13 to ensure effective outcomes for all students.
    • Ensures the effectiveness of matters relating to pupil welfare, pastoral care, parent liaison and the community links of Taverham High School for years 7 – 13.

    Audit, Finance and Buildings

    • Ensures that the financial risks of the school are effectively reviewed and monitored and the annual statements give a true and fair view of the financial activities of the school.
    • Ensures that the audit function provides assurance to the external auditors with reference to the guidance in the Academy’s Financial Handbook.
    • Reviews the building function.

    Contacting the Governing body

    If you wish to contact the governors at Taverham High School please email governors@taverhamhigh.org

  • Headteacher

    Dr R Harris


    Mr R Linnell

    Dr Andrew Staines

    Mrs Diane Perry-Yates

    Member Appointed

    Ms Lauren Griffiths 

    Allan Russell

    Mr Steven Mitchell

    Mrs Jo Ellis


    Ms June  Sewell

    Mr Mark Carter


    Mr Ian Duckett

    Ms Markella Papageorgiou


    Mr Dale Timbers 

    Ms Barbara Snelling

    Clerk to the Governing Body

    Mr Chris Perry-Yates