Welcome to the Curriculum page. These pages aim to provide you with information relating to the curriculum offered in each subject and what your child will be taught in the different subject areas.

Curriculum Vision and Value Statement

Overall, Taverham High School plans and delivers a knowledge- engaged curriculum within which every individual can realise their full potential, develop self-respect, respect for others and to prepare themselves for life in a changing world.

We want our curriculum to be underpinned by traditional values, but yet ensures we are forward thinking, embracing new technologies and developments.

Our overriding goal is for students to develop mastery through a robust, rigorous and reflective curriculum.

Mastery is how a child can apply much of the curriculum as a whole in more complex and in‐depth, cross‐objective (referencing new and embedded knowledge), multi‐modal methods (using different learning styles). It demonstrates how skilfully a child can apply their learning. Mastery is not just knowing a fact, but it is using that fact in increasingly more complex situations. Mastery at Taverham High School rests on four pillars.

The four pillars of our curriculum vision and intent are to embed a curriculum which:

1.       Allows students to develop the knowledge they need to achieve

2.       Embeds the knowledge to allow all students to understand their role in society

3.       Develops the skills needed to thrive and progress through the curriculum and beyond

4.       Nurtures the skills to allow students to reflect, seize opportunities, make informed choices and display positive learner behaviours throughout their lives

Curriculum Enrichment is the process of selectively elevating a curriculum by adding educational content or new learning opportunities.  Enriching the curriculum can:-

- Enhance students' learning experience and motivation
- Improve teacher's pedagogy by encouraging innovative ideas and materials for classroom and beyond
- Develop and provide resources for projects for teachers to adapt and use in wider contexts.

Curriculum Strategy 

Taverham High School is divided into five faculties, led by a Head of Faculty, each of which comprises a number of subjects. The faculty structure can be found below:

Faculty Structure




Creative Arts and Technical Studies

Historical and Global Studies

Social Sciences

Mr Gerrard

Ms Webb

Mrs Kent

Mr Eastick

Miss Curran

Mrs Barker


Further Maths

English Language

English Literature

Media Studies





Design & Technology




Computer Science






Child Development



Health & Social Care

Personal Development



Religious Education


If you have any subject-based questions about the curriculum or homework please contact your child's Subject Teacher, the Head of Department or the Head of Faculty for the subject concerned.