• Sixth Form
  • A-level Media Studies

    Examination Board WJEC Eduqas

    Introduction and Structure

    Media studies combines theory with practical and offers a broad, engaging and stimulating course of study which enables students to:

    • demonstrate skills of enquiry, critical thinking, decision-making and analysis
    • develop an understanding of the dynamic and changing relationships between produces, industries and audiences
    • demonstrate practical skills by providing opportunities for creative media production


    The course is 50% practical and 50% theoretical. The practical side involves students planning and producing their own short films and photographic work whilst the theoretical side equips students with the analytical skills to deconstruct a range of media texts, exploring areas such as genre, narrative and representation.

    Component 1: analysing media language and representation

    Written examination - 2 hours 15 minutes - 35% of qualification

    Component 2: media forms and products in depth

    Written examination - 2 hours 30 minutes - 35% of qualification

    Component 3: cross media production

    Non exam assessment - internall assessed and externally moderated - 30% of qualification

    Careers and Progression

    Further Education or careers in media, film studies, communication courses and a range of related studies within the arts, literature, humanities and social sciences.

    Entrance Requirements

    Minimum requirement: 6 GCSEs Grades 9-4 (or equivalent), including Grade 4 or above in English and maths

    Strongly recommended: Grade 5 in English