Access To Level 3

A one year foundation course for students who might be undecided about a future direction, course or career or who may be unsure of achieving the grades required for A-levels or advanced courses, giving them more time to gain basic skills in maths, English and independent study. 

Entrance Requirements

Minimum requirement: 5 GCSEs Grades 9-4 (or equivalent)

Course Content

You will study a range of qualifications including the Cambridge Digital Media L3 certificateBTEC L2 Technical Certificate in Business Enterprise alongside essential English and Maths skills, including GCSE retakes if required.

We will support you as you prepare for the next stage, whether it is applying for an apprenticeship, applying to college for further education or staying with us in Taverham Sixth Form. You will also have the opportunity to retake either English or Maths GCSE if required.

BTEC Technical Certificate in Business Enterprise


The BTEC Technical certificate in Business Enterprise is designed specifically for post-16 learners who are interested in starting up their own business. It equips students with an overall understanding of how businesses work, specifically from an enterprise viewpoint. Students will study features of successful start up companies and apply this to a start-up idea of their own. They will learn how market research and marketing techniques are integral to a successful product and then use this knowledge to investigate the viability of their proposal. Students will also develop a set of key transferable skills including research skills, communication, presentation and report writing.  


The BTEC Technical Certificate is a Level 2 qualification that is designed for post-16 learners, delivered as part of the Access Course. The course provides students with key transferable skills and business acumen to go into an apprenticeship or continue onto Level 3 study. The content of the course requires learners to understand what makes a successful business idea through the study of existing start-up businesses. They will then apply this knowledge to their own new product idea, followed by research into the viability of this. Students will then have the opportunity to put together a business plan which will then be presented to an audience via a business pitch.