At THS we want all our students to make good progress during their time at school: to achieve the best they can, to grow as individuals, and to have an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We strive to ensure that all students are appropriately challenged, encouraged and supported during their lessons; and are offered the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities outside of the classroom.

All schools have some students who have one or more abilities developed to a level significantly ahead of their year group (or with the potential to develop those abilities). These students, with exceptional ability in one subject will be called More Able Students (MAS).  For those who exhibit exceptional ability in two or more subjects, they will be called Gifted students. It is likely that these students will display an enthusiasm and confidence in a subject and will regularly produce work that exceeds expectations.  A Talented student has ability or potential in one or more skills, whether artistic, sporting, interpersonal or vocational or has developed a skill to a level significantly ahead of their year group.

There is no register listing the names of students who fall into these two categories. However, through departmental and whole school tracking the progress of all students, including those classed as MAS and G&T, will be monitored.  Our philosophy is one of inclusivity: by focussing on the needs of all individual students including the more able it is hoped that expectations and challenge will be raised for all. At THS we believe that the progress and achievement of all students is our primary motivation.  It is an expectation of all staff that lessons will be planned to engage and meet the needs of all students, that appropriate differentiation will take place to ensure all are challenged, irrespective of ability and that assessment is in place to allow the most able learners to have high ambition and aspiration.

Annually, success in the classroom and beyond is celebrated at our Celebration of Achievements events for Years 7 – 10, at our Yr11 Celebration Evening and at our Sports Awards Evening.  Music Concerts, our annual Art Exhibition and Drama Productions highlight the talent within these three areas.  Our web site and newsletters feature school events and successes, in all areas of the curriculum.

Students considered to have considerable ability in more than one area of the curriculum
1. In each year group there are a number of students who will have ability in many curriculum areas.  The main responsibility for their academic development lies within departments.
2. Co-ordination and monitoring of their progress across subjects lies with the Heads of Year.
3. In Yr12 there is a full programme of university visits for all aspiring to post 18 education with active links to universities being developed. Students in Yrs 10 and 11 begin their steps to university through the Aim Higher programme – the co-ordinator will seek HoY advice as to whom might be included.  Mentoring of G&T students in Yrs 10&11 serves as an early preparation for university entrance.
4. The Form Tutor Time programme and school assemblies will be used to support the mentoring programme.
Talented Students across the curriculum
1. Students recognised with talent in areas of sport, music, art or drama are provided with a wealth of opportunities at THS.  In addition departments have links with the community where talents and skills can be developed.  In sport, this relationship is enhanced through our work leading the West Norwich School Sport Partnership.
2. All staff will seek opportunities for talented students to attend courses and training pertinent to their area of expertise.  Links have already been forged with local clubs and societies and we will always look to enhance and develop this provision.
3. The Leadership Scheme within school encourages the development of a wealth of leadership skills whether in general THS ambassador responsibilities, in sport, Library work, MFL or Literacy.  Gifted and Talented students are encouraged to participate fully in these schemes.