16 To 19 Tuition Fund

How our Sixth Form will use the fund

The Department of Education announced funding to support students whose learning was disrupted as a result of the COVID pandemic. This 16-19 Tuition Fund was available to all 16 to 19 providers such as Taverham Sixth Form and was ring-fenced for 16 to 19 small group tuition only.

To support students in attaining a grade 4 or above in English and maths whilst facilitating their progression onto 16 to 19 study programmes, a weekly taught session for both these courses was provided to students alongside other post-16 courses as part of an ACCESS course to A -level. Two classes of five students ran from September 2020-May 2021. Two students took the maths exam and attained a Grade 5, and one student took the English exam and attained a Grade 5 in the November 2020 exam series. The remaining students entered the summer 2021 exam series, being taught in these small groups until the exam, receiving GCSE re-sit preparation. Once the students have passed their GCSE they remain in this class to develop functional skills until they can progress onto further studies in the autumn of 2021.

Our commitment

Taverham Sixth Form is committed to ensuring the tuition fund is used in accordance with the Government’s guidance on the 16 to 19 tuition fund by:

  • producing this statement setting out how the fund will be used to support the most disadvantaged students
  • publishing this guidance on the school website
  • recording the use of the fund, including references to individual students who receive support, the needs of those students, the number of hours of tuition delivered and retaining the evidence of the tuition provided
  • delivering the extra tuition and spending the allocated funds in the academic year 2020/21
  • notifying the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) of any underspend from the Fund for it to be reclaimed

Full details regarding the government fund can be found here