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  • Key Stage 3

    Students in KS3 have one lesson per fortnight. The topics covered in each year group are outlined below. On occasions, the teacher may deviate from the scheme in response to current affairs and events or in response to pupils’ questions. The PD teachers are experienced in delivering a variety of current affairs and Citizenship topics as well as personal, social, health topics which we describe as PSHE. Whenever it is felt appropriate, we include reference to careers and finance as well as to issues which have a spiritual, moral or cultural significance. There will be a variety of learning tasks employed in lessons such as research, reading, investigations, discussions, watching short video clips etc.  We always seek to encourage focused discussion, enabling pupils to become more informed and enabling them to develop their own informed opinions. We hope that a Taverham High School pupil would feel guided through information which will enable them to make informed, healthy choices throughout their lives.

    In addition to the learning tasks, students will be expected to complete regular homework tasks based on the topics being taught in lessons. The purpose of these shorter homework tasks is to reinforce the skills, knowledge and understanding covered in recent lessons and to provide an opportunity for teacher assessment of students’ learning. They may also be used as an opportunity to extend learning, for example through additional reading. The format of these homework tasks will depend on the material being taught and the skills being practised. Examples of the type of task set includes questions to answer, posters and power points, research using books and/or the internet, revision for tests, learning the spelling and meaning of technical language etc. Shorter homework is checked at the beginning of the lesson and is often used as the basis for the lesson. As most students have a lesson once per fortnight, books are not taken in after every lesson but a record is kept of completed and unfinished homework and a homework detention system is used.

    Year 7 Personal Development Topics

    All about me; expectations about school; hopes for the future. Behaviour passive/assertive


    Careers investigations

    Human rights 


    Drugs and alcohol

    Year 8 Personal Development Topics

    Healthy lifestyle, body image

    Puberty and healthy relationships

    Government, democracy, voting system

    Year 9 Personal Development Topics

    Law and Order, Antisocial Behaviour and the cost to society

    Conflict, refugees, genocide

    Sex and relationships

  • Key Stage 4
    Personal Development
    You will follow a personal development programme involving careers education and guidance, safety education, social responsibilities and commitments and citizenship. The programme will help you develop a range of skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for the move into adult life. The emphasis is on activity based learning in the following topics: health and sex education, relationships, law and order and parenting.
  • Sixth Form
  • Assessment


    At/ Above


    At and towards








    Regularly contributes

    Occasionally contributes



    Informed opinion



    Does not listen to those of others

    Does not participate


    Expected levels


    I am curious, I notice, can recall information and can talk about some parts of the topic

    1 Year 7 Key stage 3


    I can give examples and ask further questions to help me understand some parts of the topic



    I can select information, I can choose examples and I can describe some parts of the topic

    3 Year 8/9


    I can discuss the topic with another person or in a group or in front of the whole class and I can give reasons for my opinions



    I can investigate some parts of a topic and I explain the impact of ideas or actions



    I can understand, appreciate and empathise with ideas other than my own

    6 Year 10 and 11Key stage 4


    I can evaluate the ideas and practices of societies



    I can use the skills of analysis and evaluation to give a balanced view of a topic



  • Enrichment