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Studying at Sixth Form is not easy, and we recognise that at different times during the year students may need to access different levels of support. The form tutor is generally the first point of contact.

They see students on a daily basis and work with subject teachers and other staff to provide the correct support. We are fortunate to have a Sixth Form Learning Mentor who works with students on independent learning and study skills, and a specialist Sixth Form Learning Support Assistant who will tailor an individual support package depending on student need. The diagram below outlines some of the different levels of support available.

Person(s) Responsible

Type of Support

Head of Sixth Form

Mental health first aid and referral where necessary

ACE Achievement Centre

Mentoring & support as needed


General careers advice

Sixth Form Office

Day to day administrative enquiries. First day absence calls. Maintain behaviour log. Ensure effective communication. Bursary application and payment

Sixth Form LSA

Specific and tailored support for students with previous or current diagnosis plus any referral from PRP

Form tutor

Day to day monitoring, support, guidance and liaison where necessary. Absence and progress

Learning Mentor

Learning mentor. Time management, planning and strategies for learning

Learning Mentor

Coping with stress, positivity and resilience

Higher Ed. Mentor

Extra level of university support, G&T

Support, Guidance and Intervention in the Sixth Form


At Taverham Sixth Form, we aim for all students to develop the skills, attitudes and personalities that will allow them to flourish in whatever pathway they choose. We expect students to achieve their academic potential, show resilience and independence in their approach to learning, show respect to those around them, and show awareness of their role in the community.

We aim to guide students through this process offering challenge and support and encouragement where needed.


All students should achieve their potential, and as students progress through Sixth Form this potential should lead them towards their next goal. If a student is at risk of underachieving this must be addressed urgently and remedies must be proactive and effective. The Sixth Form will use a system of information which ensures consistency and accuracy, and manages the students’ learning to put them back on track to achieve at the level at which they should.

Formal reporting to parents (at consultation evening or by letter) should never be the first time that concerns are raised and therefore parents must be made aware of any concerns at an early stage.


Teachers and form tutors should use their professional judgement as to whether incidents may be considered unique, or whether they are part of an emerging pattern. However, subject teachers should liaise with the form tutor who will have an overview of whether issues are part of a wider picture.

There are three levels of concern which may be raised, but there may be occasions when the severity demands that issues are immediately referred to the Assistant Headteacher.

There are some examples of the type of triggers which could raise the level of concern. These are not exhaustive but indicate the type of level where the concern should be raised.

Green awards can be raised by any member of staff at any time (see separate section)

Yellow concerns can be raised by subject teachers, form tutor or any other member of sixth form staff

Amber concerns are to be raised by the Head of Department after consultation with the subject teacher

Red concerns are to be raised by the HoD, form tutor or Assistant Headteacher

Planning for Improvement

At every stage the student will be given opportunities to bring their achievement to the expected level. The subject teacher, form tutor, HoD or any other member of the sixth form staff should discuss remedies and specify actions and time limits. However, if there is a significant worsening of the situation ahead of any review date there is no need to wait of further intervention is necessary. Parents must be kept informed of any change of status during the process.

Support, Guidance and Record Keeping

Teachers should seek and receive support on any appropriate strategies from the Head of Department, Assistant Headteacher, Sixth Form Learning Mentor, Sixth Form SEND Mentor or ACE where needed. Any departmental discussion regarding the progress of individual students should outline action taken and next steps.

Green Awards

Any member of staff can reward a student for a number of reasons. This could be particularly good work, involvement in tutor time, contribution to the wider community or sporting success. These are classed as green awards. In this case the member of staff should notify the student and email the sixth form office (please copy the form tutor into any emails). Every half term I will send out letters to any students who have achieved more than 5 green awards and there will be a termly and annual prize.

General Roles and Responsibilities

  • Subject Teacher : Support students by actively and consistently applying the principles in this document
  • Head of Department : Include discussion of students causing concern in departmental meetings. Support teaching staff with strategies to remedy concerns and take action where necessary. To monitor progress of those giving cause for concern. To discuss progress with teachers and ensure progress is being made.
  • Form Tutor : To regularly meet with tutees to discuss academic progress.To be aware of progress by accessing the record. To inform the sixth form office of any absence. To refer students for appropriate support where necessary.
  • Administrators : To keep accurate records and distribute information where necessary. To prepare and send letters where appropriate. First day absence calls.
  • Head of Key Stage 5 : Pastoral responsibility for a year group including monitoring and intervention.  Ensure tutorial programme of high quality. Overall accountability for student progress.Meeting students and parents where concern is severe. Report on the effectiveness of any action .