The atrium library is situation in a central location, accessible to all students and staff. It is primarily focused on resources for KS3-4 students. It has designated general fiction, teen fiction (including some adult titles), non-fiction, wellbeing, manga and graphic novel, and Pride sections. The library offers a supportive and relaxed environment whilst upholding Taverham High’s school values.

The sixth form study centre houses the sixth form library; resources are curriculum focused and some adult and young adult fiction novels are available for students to borrow. The library also subscribes to a variety on online journals and magazines to aid wider reading and learning.

Opening times

Monday-Thursday 8am – 3pm
Friday 8am – 3:30pm

Students are welcome to visit the library during their social times and before their first lesson.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are whisper working and reading social times, meaning students are welcome to use the library for reading and working.

Games are available Monday and Friday break and lunch times.

Book borrowing

Students can borrow 2 books for 28 days. These books can be renewed a further 2 times. They are responsible for the books they borrow and we ask them to return their books, or renew them, on time, and in good condition. Lost or damaged books will need to be replaced or paid for.

Library Lessons

KS3 students (yr. 7-9) have a fortnightly library lesson as part of their English curriculum. These lessons are split between the library and a computer room. Students both read independently and follow a class read before completing a lesson on Bedrock Vocabulary, a literacy programme.

Reading for pleasure

Reading for pleasure is a key focus for the library and the wider school. We have over 7,000 books including new fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, manga, Pride collections, wellbeing collections, adult fiction, and classic fiction. We are constantly updating the resources, ensuring we are reflective, and following borrower trends and favourites. We aim to provide texts that are accessible to a wide range of reading, and offer dyslexic friendly texts, short stories, and picture books.

Students are encouraged to choose a variety of books, inside and outside of their comfort zone, and explore the space and their wider reading. Students are expected to have a reading book with them as part of their school equipment.

We encourage students to request new titles, genres or areas of interest.


Homework club runs in F13, one of our computing rooms, from 3pm – 4pm Monday-Thursday.

Period drama book club for KS4 students: yr. 10 and 11 students can take part in our book club running every Tuesday form time. Within this club, we choose an adult classic fiction novel to read and discuss, such as Jane Austen, Wilkie Collins, The Bronte sisters, and more.

We have a variety of different clubs available for students to join throughout the week.


Throughout the school year, we have author workshops and talks, including manga artists.

We host the following events and activities throughout the year:

  • Zombie run – students are tasked to get from one section of the school to the library, completing tasks, and avoiding zombies. The fastest team wins a prize.
  • Harry Potter Night – students can join our Harry Potter night and take part ion various Harry Potter themed activities both in the library and across different departments.
  • THS Cluedo/Murder Mystery night – students can join with teams to solve a mystery

The library hosts events and activities throughout the school day, and takes part in wider cultural events such as:

  • Banned Books week
  • The Big Draw
  • Christmas activities
  • Easter activities
  • Murder Mystery May
  • Manga March
  • Non-fiction November
  • Frightful February

These themes do change yearly but we usually try to stick to a specific theme each month, with books highlighted and activities to support.