Staff And Pastoral Support

Studying at sixth form is not easy, and we recognise that at different times during the year students may need to access different levels of support. The form tutor is generally the first point of contact. They see students on a daily basis and work with subject teachers and other staff to provide the correct support. We are fortunate to have a sixth form progress lead who works with students on independent learning and study skills, and will tailor an individual support package depending on student need. The table below outlines some of the different levels of support available.

Person Responsible

Type of Support

Head of Sixth Form
Mr J Linnell

Overall policies and curriculum; students' personal development; well being; attendance; destination including university applications

Sixth Form Enrichment Co-ordinator
Ms H Reding

Development of students' cultural capital beyond the curriculum including enrichment activities, external speakers and opportunities

Sixth Form Administrator
Ms F Higson

Day to day administrative enquiries and support including: attendance; communication; bursary funding; applications to sixth form

Form Tutors

6A Mr D Timbers
6E Ms K Kinsley
6H Mr J Gerrard/Ms J Webb
6R Ms H Reding
6T Ms M Richardson
6V Mr R Mayet

Day to day monitoring; support, guidance and liaison where necessary including attendance; reference writing; delivery of tutor programme

Careers Advisor
Ms A Warwick

General careers advice; apprenticeships; one-to-one appointments

Support, guidance and intervention in the sixth form


At Taverham Sixth Form we aim for all students to develop the skills, attitudes and personalities that will allow them to flourish in whatever pathway they choose. We expect students to achieve their academic potential, show resilience and independence in their approach to learning, show respect to those around them, and show awareness of their role in the community. We aim to guide students through this process offering challenge and support and encouragement where needed.


All students should achieve their potential, and as students progress through sixth form this potential should lead them towards their next goal. If a student is at risk of underachieving this must be addressed urgently and remedies must be proactive and effective. The sixth form will use a system of information which ensures consistency and accuracy, and manages the students’ learning to put them back on track to achieve at the level at which they should.

Formal reporting to parents (at consultation evening or by letter) should never be the first time that concerns are raised and therefore parents must be made aware of any concerns at an early stage.


Teachers and form tutors should use their professional judgement as to whether incidents may be considered unique, or whether they are part of an emerging pattern. Subject teachers liaise with the form tutor who will have an overview of whether issues are part of a wider picture.