Who To Contact?

Please use the information below to contact the school with any questions or concerns that you may have:

Main Reception: 01603 860505 or 01603 264330
Email: office@taverhamhigh.org

Address: Beech Avenue, Taverham, Norwich NR8 6HP

Who should I contact?

If there are any queries with regards to a lesson then, in the first instance, contact the class teacher. If the query is linked to anything outside lessons or of a pastoral matter then, in the first instance, contact your child’s form tutor.

How long should I wait for a response?

Staff can have full teaching days and as such our agreed response time is 72 hours. During particularly busy times this may simply be to acknowledge receipt of an email, stating when the member of staff will respond.

Should you not hear from the member of staff within 72 hours then please contact the appropriate Head of Department or Head of Year.


Post Name Email
Headteacher  Dr R Harris head@taverhamhigh.org
Headteacher's PA Mrs C Ross c_ross@taverhamhigh.org
Deputy Headteacher (Behaviour and Safety)  Ms R Ricketts r_ricketts@taverhamhigh.org
Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum)  Mr G Yassin g.yassin@taverhamhigh.org
Assistant Headteacher (Teaching and Learning)  Mr D Hyett d_hyett@taverhamhigh.org
Assistant Headteacher (Personal Development, Equality & Diversity)  Mr J Day jr.day@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Sixth Form Mr J Linnell j.linnell@taverhamhigh.org
Senior Operations Manager Miss J Turley j.turley@taverhamhigh.org
Chair of Trustees Mrs S Byles governors@taverhamhigh.org


Pastoral Support

Post Name Email
Behaviour Lead Mr S Blowers s_blowers@taverhamhigh.org
SENCo  Ms R Dixon r_dixon@taverhamhigh.org
Attendance Officer Mrs S Dalgleish s.dalgleish@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Year 7 Miss R Andrews r.andrews@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Year 8  Ms V Phillips v.phillips@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Year 9 Mrs A Lilley a.lilley@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Year 10 Miss D Birkin d.birkin@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Year 11 Miss T Gardiner t.gardiner@taverhamhigh.org


All Teaching Staff

Post Name Email
Head of Art Miss K Daniels k.daniels@taverhamhigh.org
Art Teacher Mrs S Adams s.adams1@taverhamhigh.org
Art Teacher Miss C Johnstone c.johnstone@taverhamhigh.org
Art Teacher Mrs F Rapley f_rapley@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Business Mrs L Robertson l_robertson@taverhamhigh.org
Business Teacher Miss A Gleghorn a.gleghorn@taverhamhigh.org
Business Teacher Mr R Mayet r.mayet@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Classics and PD Mrs S Barker s_barker@taverhamhigh.org
Computer Science Teacher Mr J Jenkins j.jenkins@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Computer Science Mrs D Moore d.moore@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Child Development Miss S Adams s.adams@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Creative Arts & Technical Studies Mr J Eastick j_eastick@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Design & Technology Mr W Housden w_housden@taverhamhigh.org
Design & Technology Teacher Miss E Butler e.butler@taverhamhigh.org
Design & Technology Teacher Miss T Eaton t.eaton@taverhamhigh.org
Food & Textiles Teacher Mrs N Shirinian n.shirinian@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Drama Mrs K Cornish k_cornish@taverhamhigh.org
Head of English Ms J Webb j.webb@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Miss T Gardiner t.gardiner@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Mrs R Goldspink r.goldspink@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Miss C Greenacre c.greenacre@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Miss F Hague f.hague@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Mr J Hinds j.hinds@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Miss M Hollis m.hollis@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Mrs N Kalsi n.kalsi@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Mr C McAllister c.mcallister@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Miss V Richmond v.richmond@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Ms R Ricketts r_ricketts@taverhamhigh.org
English Teacher Mrs R Woodyatt r.woodyatt@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Geography Miss R Gaylor r_gaylor@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Historical & Global Studies Mr K Cromwell k.cromwell@taverhamhigh.org
Geography Teacher Mr G Barrett g.barrett@taverhamhigh.org
Head of History Mr J Williams j_williams@taverhamhigh.org
History Teacher Mr S Derrick s_derrick@taverhamhigh.org
History Teacher Mr J Linnell j.linnell@taverhamhigh.org
History Teacher Mrs M Richardson m_richardson@taverhamhigh.org
History Teacher Mr C Weight c.weight@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Maths Mr J Gerrard j_gerrard@taverhamhigh.org
Deputy Head of Maths Dr V Stangoe v_stangoe@taverhamhigh.org
Head of KS4 Maths Mr B Robinson b_robinson@taverhamhigh.org
Maths Teacher Mrs J Atkins j_atkins@taverhamhigh.org
Maths Teacher Mrs H Crane h.crane@taverhamhigh.org
Maths Teacher Mrs J Grigg j_grigg@taverhamhigh.org
Maths Teacher Miss E Yaghil e_yaghil@taverhamhigh.org
Maths Teacher Mrs N Greer n_greer@taverhamhigh.org
Head of MFL Mrs L Smith l_curran@taverhamhigh.org
MFL Teacher Mrs S Browne s.browne@taverhamhigh.org
MFL Teacher Ms C Gillham c.gillham@taverhamhigh.org
MFL Teacher Mrs L Harries l.harries@taverhamhigh.org
MFL Teacher Miss I Havunen i_havunen@taverhamhigh.org
MFL Teacher Ms R Turner r_turner@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Music Mr D Timbers d_timbers@taverhamhigh.org
Music Teacher Miss H Norman h.norman@taverhamhigh.org
Head of PE Mr D Taylor d_taylor@taverhamhigh.org
PE Teacher Miss D Birkin d.birkin@taverhamhigh.org
PE Teacher Mr S Blowers s_blowers@taverhamhigh.org
PE Teacher Mrs C Burgess c_burgess@taverhamhigh.org
PE Teacher Mrs S Church s_church@taverhamhigh.org
PE Teacher Mr J Day jr.day@taverhamhigh.org
PE & History Teacher Mr S Derrick s_derrick@taverhamhigh.org
PE & RS Teacher Miss O Greenway o_greenway@taverhamhigh.org
PE Teacher Mr D Hyett d_hyett@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Science Mr M Hart m.hart@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Biology Mrs K Kinsley k_kinsley@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Chemistry Mr P Large p_large@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Physics Miss C Hart c.hart@taverhamhigh.org
Science Teacher Mr C Cameron c.cameron@taverhamhigh.org
Science Teacher Mr J Frankham j.frankham@taverhamhigh.org
Science Teacher Dr V Frost v.frost@taverhamhigh.org
Science Teacher Mr S Hammerton s.hammerton@taverhamhigh.org
Science Teacher Miss J Neale j_neale@taverhamhigh.org
Science Teacher Mr R Tutte r_tutte@taverhamhigh.org
Science Teacher Miss T Walker t.walker@taverhamhigh.org
Head of Social Sciences Miss R Green r_green@taverhamhigh.org
Philosophy Teacher Miss V Philips v.phillips@taverhamhigh.org
Psychology Teacher Miss H Reding h_reding@taverhamhigh.org
Psychology & Religious Studies Teacher Miss C Crossley c.crossley@taverhamhigh.org
Sociology Teacher Mr S Yates s.yates@taverhamhigh.org
Sociology Teacher Mr P Thompson p.thompson@taverhamhigh.org