At Taverham High School we have successfully run the Duke of Edinburgh Award for many years. We have offered Bronze and Silver for a long time and can now offer Gold. Our first Gold group finished earlier this year; so students are now looking forward to a visit to Buckingham Palace to receive their award.

Bronze currently starts in year 10 and students generally complete their award by Christmas of year 11, or sooner if they work at it!

The award consists of 4 sections: Physical, Service or Volunteering, Skill and Expedition. In year 10 we do a practice expedition around Fakenham in the spring/early summer; with the assessed one in North Norfolk in late summer/autumn.

Silver starts in year 11 with the practice expedition in the Peak District during the summer term; and the assessed one in Suffolk at the start of year 12.

The award is open to anyone who is prepared to commit the time to one lunchtime meeting a week and to completing all four sections.

Please see the documents to the right for further information.